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8 Oz Fishing Weight Mold

This 8 oz fishing weight mold is perfect for creating fishing weights and measures. It is made of plastic and plastic with a durable construction that will last long in the water. This weight mold is easy to clean and is perfect for any fishing needs.

8 Oz Fishing Weight Mold Ebay

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8 Oz Fishing Weight Mold Amazon

This 8 oz fishing weight mold tool is perfect forcasting andpotential for larger fishing weights. Thebank sinker tool is made of durable plastic and is6-1/4" lid dish spoon perfect for inch sizes. It comes with a casting tool for casting line and tools. The tool is also adjustable to 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 oz weight, making it perfect for all types of fishing. this is a 3 part cnc aluminum tube weight that is designed for use in fresh water. The weight is easy to operate with a set screw and is designed to be used in fishing for marine fish. The weight is at 12. 3 ounces and is made of 38mm cnc aluminum. this is a fresh water worm weight mold with a concave design that is perfect for serving up worms, eggs, or other smallitty creatures. The mold is also made of cnc aluminum and makes a great addition to your fishing shop or home office. this is a very good in shapelier ball jig with a very small. it is 8 oz weight mold and has a very small hole in the middle. It is made of plastic with a black coat hanger. It is currently with good condition.