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Cap Weights

We are a gym supplies store focused on providing cast iron weights and training discs for home use. Our weight plates and weights are perfect for strength and power exercises, while our training discs are perfect for weightlifting. Our bars are perfect for weightlifting and power exercises, making them perfect for all types of gym users. Our single weight plates come in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect weight range for your home gym.

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Cap Weights Amazon

Looking for a cap weight that you can trust? look no further than the cap weights black olympic grip plate. This product is brand new and has 2. 5-45 lb weight capacity. The cap weight is perfect for powerlifting and clean and jerk feats. The weight capacity makes it easy for you to get the results you need, and the double-ended nuchal cuff makes it a perfect fit for powerlifting. the cap weight dumbbell set is the perfect way to increase your strength and balance in the gym. This set of 64lb adjustable cap weight is perfect for body workouts and gym home workouts. The cap weight can be easily set with this set, making it a perfect tool for busy people who want to focus on their strength and body workouts. looking for a weight plate that is both comfortable and efficient? look no further than the cast iron 2weight plates! These plates are made from high-quality hardwood, and features a variety of na-ve weights and bells that can be attached or without. The training disc is also a great size for small hands, and comes with a comfortable place to store it. The cast iron plates also come with a pressure relief valve, so you can easily put on and off the weight plate. introducing the cap weights! These single weight barbell weights are the perfect way to increase strength and power. With their standard grip plates, this barbell can be easily used in the opposition or ring exercises.