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Mir Weighted Vest

Looking for a weightless garment that still provides a comfortable fit? look no further than the mir air flow weighted vest! This option has a 20lb weight limit and is made with azure cotton and spandex for a snug fit. Plus, the zippered compartment for your laptop or phone is perfect for keeping your essentials close by.

Mir Pro Weighted Vest

The pro-weighted vest is an important piece of clothing for the fit-and-fit professional. they are perfect for people who want to be comfortable and look great on them. the pro-weighted vest is the perfect solution to the problem of different people having different body types and sizes. so what are you waiting for? get one today!

Mir Pro Adjustable Weighted Vest

The mir pro adjustable weight vest is a great way to keep your weigh in while on the go! It has a comfortable fit and adjustable straps that make it easy to wear. The vest also includes a weight system that helps you keep track of your weight. themirweightedvest has 6 weights3 pounds each. This weighted vest has a look and feel of a shirt so you can feel comfortable in it. The vest has a comfortable fit and makes you feel prepared for work. the mir air flow weighted vest with zipper option 20lbs - 60lbs solid iron weights is the perfect piece for those with active lifestyles. With its adjustable weights and zip-up fit, this vest provides a weighted variation of cardiovascular exercise. Additionally, the vest features a cool asia print which will look great on any body type. the mir weighted vest is a weight-bearing vest that is designed to improve your strength and size. The vest features a six-lensed lens that provides a tough and durable finish. The vest is also overloaded with 3lb weights that can be easily carried around.