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Tranquility 12 Lb Weighted Blanket

This 12 lb weighted blanket is perfect for sleeping on in the middle of the night. It's temperature balancing blanket helps keep you warm and comfortable, while the education blanket for children helps them learn about temperature management.

Tranquility Weighted Blanket 12 Lbs

The relaxation weight blanket is a great way to get a calm and stress-free environment. This blanket is perfect for 12 lbs or less of body mass. this blanket can be used for relaxation, deep meditation, and even for calming your mind and body. It can be artificial or made from natural materials, so it is perfect for anyone. the soft, comfortable feel of a relaxation weight blanket is difficult to bufify against your body weight. This is because it is made to be comfortable and to reduce stress. try out this blanket and see the difference for yourself! The relaxation weight blanket is a great way to get a calm and stress-free environment.

Tranquility 12 Pound Weighted Blanket

This 12lb weighted blanket is perfect for providing calm in your home or office. It's inspired by the peace and tranquility that can be found in 12-pound weights, and is made from 1-inch weight weighted fabric. This blanket is also easy to clean, just run it through the washer and dryer. With a warm, relaxing atmosphere to help you take a break from the outside world. The blanket can be used for both inside and outsidewear, and is made of durable fabric for lasting use. This blanket is white cotton and has a t-shirt as the color option. This blanket is machine washable and will withstand washes and soaks. This blanket is alsoberusable in grey, gray, and 48 x 72. this 12lb weight blanket is a calmodynamically friendly way to reduce stress and promote deep sleep. It is impossible to over-produce sleep, and this blanket will help you get there. The 12lb weight blanket is heavy but not too heavy that it takes your breath away. The blanket is also breathable and can be machine-washed using the gentle water-based soap.