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Weighted Pullup Belt

Looking for a belt that can help you pull up from all sides? check out our weighted pullup belt with a chain for added power! This belt is perfect for weightlifters or powerlifters looking to push themselves harder and harder.

Weight Belt Chain

If you're looking for a belt that will help you look your best, look no further than the weight belt chain. This belt is designed to keep your back and arms clean and healthy while you are working. It is also great for keeping your belt off your skin during activity and making it easier to move around.

Chain Weight Belt

The chain weight belt for weightlifting and bodybuilding is a great way to keep your body safe and secure. This belt features a strong and durable fabric that can take plenty of wear and tear. It is also comfortable to wear, making it an ideal choice for gym goers or bodybuilders. The weight of the belt decides the difficulty of the pullup. For chins up pulls, the belt should be set at 4. 5 on the scale. For pullups with a weight on the belt (ie. Chin up), the belt should be set at 5. Looking to get fit and look its easier than ever with a weighted pullup belt! This comfortable and easy to wear belt lets you complete a pullup with just a few weight pulls in a variety of exercises. Whether you’re trying to get fit for an outdoor weekend or work up a sweat, the weight pulled on this belt will help! Looking to drop down to a weightless workout? This weighted pullup belt from rimsports offers the perfect support for a severe squat tower workout. Whether you’re a first time trainingee or a seasoned pro, this belt will help you out!